It’s Always Time For Wine Toys

It doesn’t have to be the holiday season to start thinking about buying the wine buff in your life a few new gadgets. The holiday season certainly presents a great excuse to buy presents but for those whose lives are inseparable from their favorite vintage, the newest handy dandy and useful tools are always welcome and appreciated. Unlike trying to figure out what to buy for your fisherman friend or the paddle tennis freak, whose special interests are best served when they purchase their own obscure additions to their arsenals, you will have little or no trouble in finding great gifts that your wine enthusiast will thoroughly enjoy, make use of and in all likelihood share with you.

One of the reasons why it is so darn easy to shop for a wine lover, other than buying their favorite wines, is that there are so many ways to enjoy wine and so many people that do so. ¬†From the casual white wine drinker, whose tastes vary little beyond whatever bottle is being served at the next neighborhood get-together, to the everyday wine drinker that has a glass or two after work and/or with dinner, to the huber-cultured wine aficionado who savors every drop of his or her favorite vintage like a sommelier sampling a bottle of 1963 Chateau Haut-Brion, which in case you’re wondering is damn good wine. The fact that so many people enjoy wine means that buying a gift for a wine lover, whether he or she loves Ripple or Chateau Rieussec, is relatively simple and usually fun.

Here are a few of the many new gifts and gadgets you’ll find in your favorite wine store or online wine catalog. There are many more novelties available, including wine glasses and t-shirts inscribed with everything from your name to your marriage vows but we’ll leave the more personalized items for you to find on your own. We think you’ll find these items to be much more functional and beneficial to your overall experience when enjoying your go-to bottle of wine.

Clef du Vin Professional Wine Tasting Tool – available in the Wine Enthusiast catalog for $99, this tool is said to be your key to telling wine’s future. This brushed steel spoon-like tool will tell you exactly how your wine will develop over the next ten years. When it is dipped into the wine, the patented alloy end of the wine key replicates the aging process, softening tannins and improving the taste of the wine. It has received praise around the world from by scientists and sommeliers as well as the testing panels of many industry magazines and journals. It comes in a leather-topeed burgundy wood gift box with its own cleaning cloth.


Vinturi Wine Aerator – available for $39.95 on the Gift website in their catalog of gift items for wine lovers. There are as many wine aerators on the market as there are vintners of cabernet, well maybe not that many but there are a lot. And there’s good reason for that; a wine aerator is a terrific device to help you enjoy the maximum flavor of any red wine. Wine needs to get a breath of air, particularly red wine in order to release all of its aromas and flavors. An aerator speeds up the process of aerating the wine by doing so while you pour the wine into your glass. So, rather than uncorking a wine and leaving it to breathe, you can enjoy the full flavors every time you pour a glass.


Vacu Vin Complete 7 Piece Wine Gift Set – available on for $39.99. It’s always nice to get a gift set with a few different tools that you can use toward the betterment of your wine drinking experience. This set from Vacu Vin includes all the tools any wine lover will ever need to pour, chill and save their favorite wine. Their corkscrew twister takes all the sommelier training out of opening any corked bottle of wine while the server crystals ensure a perfect, non-drip pour every time. The rapid ice cooler will get your sparkling wines and white vintages chilled in a hurry and keep it cold while you enjoy each glass. And just in case you don’t drink the entire bottle, the wine saver vacuum pump stoppers will keep your bottle as fresh and delicious as the day you opened it.


Personalized Insulated Wine Chiller Tote – available from for $29.99 – Whether you’re planning a trip to the park, the beach or a community concert you’ll be able to tote along a bottle of your best red, white or bubbly in the heavy duty, polyester, personalized wine bag. This is a two-bottle wine cooler that comes in your choice of black or khaki and features and insulated lining, zipper closure, two adjustable side pockets, exterior velcro pockets and an easy carry handle. Your monogram will be stitched in your choice of white, purple, grey, black or gold. The bag measures 14″ x 8.5″ x 5.5″ and while it is all you’ll need to tote your fun, you’ll have to stop at the wine store because the bottles of wine are not included.

The nice thing about wine lovers, other than the pleasure of enjoying a fine glass of vintage vino with them, is that they are easy people to buy a gift for when you want to do something nice for them. They’ve already demonstrated their good taste in that they love wine so you can be certain that almost anything you give them to help them enjoy their pastime even more will always be well-received and greatly appreciated. From corkscrews, wine chillers and decanters to personalized wine goblets, get to your favorite wine store and buy the wine lover in your life a gift they will remember and appreciate for a lifetime.